Diabetic Podiatry

Here at Hart and Sole Podiatry, we are committed to helping diabetic patients tackle a range of different conditions and illnesses that relate to their lower legs, ankles or feet.

We aim to treat a variety of issues and resolve a multitude of risks, all while helping you to maintain the utmost confidence in our skills and services.

Figuring out whether your current diabetes-related foot or ankle issues could be resolved by a specialist podiatrist doesn’t have to be difficult. You can read through the many services that we provide to better understand what our expert podiatrists can do for you.

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Acute Diabetes-Related Foot Complications

People who are diagnosed with diabetes can often develop a variety of different foot problems that are either caused or worsened by their diabetes.

Even the most basic of foot problems can get far worse if left unchecked when a patient has diabetes, so you must never ignore any foot complications no matter how small they may be.

Our expert podiatrists have years of experience in the diabetic field. We can provide you with ultimate peace of mind regarding your acute foot complications.


A large portion of diabetes-related foot problems can happen due to nerve damage (neuropathy) which causes tingling, burning or stinging, or weakness inside the foot.

Nerve damage can lead to loss of feeling in your feet, which puts you at serious risk to injure yourself without even knowing.

Additionally, you can also fall victim to diabetes-related foot problems as a result of poor blood flow, or even due to a change in the shape of your feet or toes, so you must always be vigilant when it comes to foot care.

Foot Circulation Issues

Poor circulation is one of the most common side effects associated with diabetes, so many patients with the condition have serious trouble encouraging blood flow to their feet.

As your feet are right at the end of your body, they’re the last area to receive the pumping blood that flows around your body.

A continued lack of healthy circulation to your feet can cause major issues like PAD (peripheral arterial disease) or peripheral neuropathy. Ensuring that you can tackle your poor circulation with the help of a reliable podiatrist is always key, so reach out to a member of our trusted team to see what we can do to help improve your circulation.

Burning and Numbness

Feeling burning and numbness inside your feet are symptoms that are often associated with peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Any diabetes that is not properly controlled can lead to damaged nerves in any part of the body, but it’s more specifically those in your legs and feet that fall victim to such distress and discomfort.

Even doing something as simple as wearing a pair of socks can be extremely uncomfortable for someone suffering from burning in the feet associated with diabetes. You should be able to feel your feet without experiencing pain and discomfort, and we can help you to achieve that perfect balance.

Foot Ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers are some of the worst culprits for hospitalisation, as the symptoms are severe and lack of treatment can lead to the need for amputation.

A foot ulcer is a serious issue that needs immediate medical attention to keep it from causing further issues, like infection.

If ever you feel as though you might be suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer, then visit our podiatry clinic to treat and resolve your condition in the earliest stages.

Our friendly podiatrists can also provide you with extremely beneficial advice and suggestions that reduce your chances of ever falling victim to foot ulcers or infections again.

Next Steps?

Diabetic-related foot problems can have a big impact on your quality of life as a whole. You’ll find it difficult to stay mobile while having to fight through the pain and discomfort of your illness or injury.

You must never ignore any diabetes-related podiatry problem no matter how big or small it may appear, as it can easily spread and fester into something much worse that is far more tricky to treat.

Catching your condition when it’s in its first stages is always the most effective option, so give us a call at Hart and Sole Podiatry so that we can help you to get back on your feet before you know it!