Custom Orthotics & Insoles

Seeing an orthotic specialist is a great way to fix the issues that are currently hurting your feet and causing pain.

Most people underestimate the powerful results that an orthotics specialist can provide because they don’t know any better. In reality, an orthotics specialist can do several different things for you!

Our Custom Orthotics Services

At Hart & Sole Podiatry, we offer a wide range of orthotics services to individuals across all age ranges. From children to diabetics and the elderly, our range of orthotics solutions cover the following:

  • Optimal footwear prescriptions
  • Foot function inadequacies that adversely affect running and walking
  • Gait patterns caused by intoeing and outoeing issues
  • Flat and high arch feet problems
  • Bursitis
  • Bunions
  • Neuroma
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Ankle foot orthotics (AFO)
  • Custom Insoles for your shoes
  • Effective splints designed to improve mobility and ease discomfort
  • Ankle braces


Our podiatrists can provide you with all these services and more.

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Our Orthotics Treatment Plans

Orthotics often involve multiple steps in the treatment plan. Here at Hart & Sole Podiatry, we will examine your biomechanical function, footwear history, and injuries (if any).

If we find that you need orthotics, we’ll recommend the best options for you. It is important to note this because, sometimes, we find that some individuals don’t necessarily need orthotic therapy – they fare better with other solutions.

In general, here are some of the things included in our process.

Diagnosis of the Real Problem

Understanding the root cause of your foot or heel pain is important. Your orthotics consultant will help identify the real causes of your foot issues. Then, using this information, we can create a long-lasting solution that will relieve the pain and help you become more comfortable.

Designing a Pain-Free Solution

Orthotic devices will help minimize or eliminate your foot or heel pain, improve your balance, ease or eliminate lower back pain, and reduce corns or calluses.

Correction of Foot Deformities and Pronation

If you are dealing with over-pronation or under-pronation, you’re more prone to injuries, fractures, fatigue, shin splints, and knee pains. Our orthotic specialists will work with you to correct your pronation so you can be relieved of all these symptoms.

Create Custom Orthotics

Our skilled orthotics specialists can design your custom orthotics that will comfortably mould to your shoes and feet so that it corrects those imbalances that are causing pronation and other feet issues.

Looking for Custom Orthotics?

If you’re suffering from persistent foot pain, and think that a custom insole or orthotic device may be able to provide some relief, get in touch with us at Hart & Sole Podiatry.

Our orthotics consultants are available to assess your needs, provide you with accurate medical guidance, and help correct your feet’s issues.